Destiny 2 Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon

destiny 2 grasp of avarice

Destiny 2 fans were given a new snack to enjoy during Gjallar Day celebrations this year, with the advent calendar producing something rather cool in return. The monthly event celebrates all things Destiny and offers players free items throughout two weeks worth of festivities leading up until December 6th when they’re done celebrating!

The newest track from Strife is now available for free download. Titled “grasp of avarice soundtrack Theme,” it can be streamed or played on any device you want and will make a perfect addition to your adventure in the new dungeon coming this fall!

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If you want to avoid downloading the mp3, just listen here: I had no idea that the track would be released so soon! It has already hit YouTube and it is not surprising given its popularity.

The new song is a fitting end to the “Treasure Ratel” dungeon and comes with some cool art for your adventurers’ walls. The rock formation looks like something any pirate would want as their own treasure, but I am still here waiting on Xur’s story: how did he get into this mess in the first place?

Open the gates of hell just in time for some serious Destiny goodness! The Anniversary event is about to get underway, and this year’s surprise has been revealed: a new dungeon. But not your average run-of-the mill adventure; it launches straight away with no time gate or seasonal restrictions (not even loot!). This means that once you buy–it won’t be going anywhere any time soon either so if playing on multiple platforms gets old fast there’s always next season…also since all our favorite activities are being released as expansions we can expect big things from these events like raids – which contain nice rewards but come at much greater risk than lower level content such as having wipe after wiping until every single thing had gone right.