D0cC CS:GO Settings

D0cC CS GO player


D0cC is a professional player from Netherland. His real name is Shuaib Ahmad. He plays as a rifler in this game. He is now a free agent and plays as a solo player from 2019 and is ranked 5th best player of csgo. Before 2019 he was a member of the team ‘defuse kids.’

He has won many tournaments and leagues while he was in this team. In the team, he won ‘ESL Dutch championships-summer 2019’. Because of his exceptional talent in gaming and while playing tournaments, he got fame and popularity among the egaming community. When he was part of the team, his team also gained popularity because of his skills.

Setup of D0cC

In his setup, the devices he uses for gaming include a mouse, monitor, etc. mouse he uses in his setup is ZOWIE EC2-B DIVINA EDITION, a blue-colored wired mouse. It has an optical sensor and palm grip to control the movement of the mouse with programmable buttons on it.

The monitor he uses is a traditional monitor and is used by many other players as well. He uses BENQ XL2546, which gives clarity in the display without interruption during gameplays and tournaments. Mouse pad in his setup is ZOWIE G-SR-SE DIVINA, which is also in blue matched with the mouse, and because of the same brand as a mouse, this mouse pads fits best with this mouse.

The keyboard in his setup is from XTRFY K2-RGB WHITE EDITION, not a commonly used keyboard. It is a mechanical keyboard. The headset he uses for this purpose is HYPERX CLOUD PRO, which gives comfortable foam ear cushions and a controller of volume and transfers voice.

Settings of D0cC

His in-game settings include mouse settings. In-game sensitivity sets are 2, zoom sensitivity 1.10, and window sensitivity 6 with DPI 400 and EDPI 800. Other settings like video settings include resolution of monitor that he sets is 1280*960, stretched scaling mode, and 240 Hz refresh rate. Other launches, view models, etc. are also changed by him when needed.


He is the winner of championship several times, so his settings and setup is the main reason for his winnings. People who follow him wonder and search for his settings to follow on and be in this game like him.