Call of Duty Vanguard best Weapons & Guns

Call of Duty Vanguard best Weapons

The Call of Duty: Vanguard best weapons list can do a massive amount to devastate other players and make it easier for you win in multiplayer or zombies, but what exactly are those guns? Though balancing is something that developers always prioritise there’s still standout examples. If want the most powerful gun on our list then check them out below with an example from each category; First we’ll go over sniper rifles which require patience as they’re very inaccurate at range unless modification has been done like barrel extension (this will help improve precision).

Best weapon in Call of Duty Vanguard – Automaton

The best weapon in Call of Duty Vanguard is the second Assault Rifle you’ll unlock. The Automaton has been a potent all-rounder with great control and damage, versatile enough to work at mid range as well as long distances but also capable of dropping enemies quickly when needed! One downside? Iron sights are just about as bad for committing war crimes so if you have any attachments on hand they’re going spare – swapped out or not though because we’ve got something even better than those…

The Slate Reflector works wonders against human foes while still being able to take down bots without too much trouble either way thanks largely due its sturdy construction that allows it withstand repeated hits from high powered rounds without getting knocked.

The Automaton’s fast and reliable, but it can be difficult to manage. The laser should help you stay alive in a firefight while still being able take advantage of any long range opportunities that arise from focusing on other players or heavy armor-class enemies with this gun/pistol hybrid weapon!

Best Assault Rifle – STG44

For those who don’t like the Automaton, but prefer an AR with some SMG DNA in it. The STG44 is still one of my favorites when it comes to this type of weapon; despite being a little choppy through most parts (though not at all during its range), what you get are serious punch and reach that never quite goes out control even though there’s no fully automatic fire mode on offer here either!

The STG44 is a versatile weapon, with the ability to deal either heavy or light damage. However it does not fare well when facing heavily armoured enemies as they can often slip away from you without getting hit too hard in return. To make up for this weakness try out different barrel types and muzzle devices which give your gun an even greater amount of firepower: Varies Target Dumbledore 760mm 05B Percussion Cap Batls Rifle – these additions will allow them more chances at victory!

Best SMG – MP40

The MP40 is a great choice in every game it’s in, and here too. Stocky with robust control that doesn’t stop it from being deadly up close or at range; the pistol has what you need for any type of situation!

The MP40 is a weapon that thrives on playing aggressively. You should load it up with attachments to suit your style of play – give the muzzle some love with Mercury Silencer or Strife Compensator, add Krausnick 33mm Folding stocks for stability when firing from hip-fire accuracy and increased mag capacity in close quarters combat while you can get Quick kit Unmarked proficiency so finding kills feels more rewarding without worrying about getting downed!

Best Sniper Rifle – 3-Line Rifle

The 3-line rifle is the best weapon for snipers. It has stopping power like nothing else in video games, so you can’t afford to get caught without it! If you are looking at winding up your opponent quickly with this gun then be my guest; we all know how powerful NVidia’s graphics card was when they released their GTX 1080 Ti last week (unless someone beat them). But if I had one piece advice left: don’t waste time scoping out targets from afar – use cover and snipe ‘em before anyone knows what hit em’.

The best attachment for this build is the MX Silencer, which will keep your shots from being too noisy. For optics we like 1913 Variable 4-8x magnifyer because it has night vision capabilities and 500mm MN Custom barrel can pin down targets accurately with lengthened ammunition to ensure accuracy in combat situations where every second counts!

Best LMG – MG42

The MG42 is a wonder of the world, if you ask me. It’s easy to control and pack quite an amount of firepower with its 125 round magazine- though I recommend picking up some more ammo from gun racks around every corner! What really makes this weapon great? Well for one thing it has manageable recoil which allows even novice users like myself get off some good shots before they’re empty–so long as we know how use them properly that is 😉

The LMG is a rather unique weapon. It’s not the kind of gun that you could just run and gun with, so it needs to be built for defensive fighting which usually means staying in place while spraying ammo from behind cover or mounted on something like horseback (though some users prefer standing). The best way I’ve found my own build was by using an extended mag-well grip paired well against heavier recoil; this allowed me time between shots reloading instead because even though there are attachments available such as muzzle brakes/nonsensic compensators etc., they don’t always help much when playing Capture Game modes!